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Warrina Stage 5 Anglicare, Castle Hill

independent living units and luxury villas

Located amongst parklands in the extensive Anglicare Castle Hill community, Warrina Village required an infill development of Independent Living Units (ILU’s), including 22 large apartments and 2 luxury villas.

The site layout and building design was carefully considered in respect to a grove of protected trees on one side, the large village community centre and a main village road on the other. Warrina Stage 5 creates it’s own identity while seamlessly connecting to the greater village fabric of the adjoining developments. This was achieved through consideration of the scale of the buildings, separating the mass of the apartment building into two, and using a combination of aesthetically lightweight and solid materials. Aesthetically the buildings are subtly unique in the village-scape.

A new cul-de-sac with visitor parking was created for the micro-village and the development has a modern suburban street appeal while generously containing all the accessibility features required in ILU’s.